Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I like to dress like a boy. Some of my biggest fashion inspiration comes from men, Jamie Hince, Keith Richards, Hedi Slimane...

" I would wake up and put on what was lying around. Sometimes it was mine, and sometimes it was the Old Lady's {Anita Pallenberg}, but we were the same size so it didn't matter... Otherwise it was plunder, loot that I wore - Whatever was thrown at me on stage or what I picked up off stage and happened to fit." - Life by Keith Richards

I have always loved androgyny in fashion, and its on trend for Spring. Yes! I think there is nothing sexier or more empowering than women in menswear, and conversely, men not being afraid to push the envelope too. Ive mentioned before, that I like to shop in the men's section. It's a great place to find relaxed fit basics like, t shirts, cardigans, or denim. H&M and Forever 21 are affordable ways to incorporate mens' wear pieces into your wardrobe really easily. 

Fashionising.com said it best:  
"While 2011 and 2012 revelled in bringing effortless, tomboyish styles to the runway and the street – think oversized blazers paired with full skirts, masculine sporty accents or boyish accessories – the most prominent use of gender blurring in spring 2013 was masculine tailoring. A number of influential designers mixed masculine suiting with soft details and high heeled shoes. Think Le Smoking: in such a way this key take on the trend is a move away from gender neutrality and a step in the direction of sexualised masculinity for women." 

Well said.

Now about the outfit...
 Don't ask me where Rhyolite, Nevada is, because I don't know. But what I do know is the haunted house lighting bolts sold me, and the wheels were already turning on how to perfectly distress this shirt when I found it at Salvation Army. The handbag was also a Salvation score from a few years back. It has a detachable matching strap, which turns it into the most perfect snakeskin clutch. I don't carry it that often, because I'm not gonna front like snakeskin doesn't weird me out, because it does. But it's so beautiful and in perfect condition and I feel like it wasn't any more than 15 bucks. I had to have it...

Shirt :: Thrifted
Denim :: LF
Belt ::  Thrifted
Handbag :: Thrifted  
Boots :: Topshop  
Sunnies :: Ray Ban   



  1. wow, this outfit has a great rock 'n' roll vibe! these boots and the red lipstick add the perfect touch ♥