:: hitchhike all night ::


This leather jacket and boots have been glued to my body for the last 2 weeks. The boots still freckled with fake blood from a recent zombie makin' gig, cigarette smoke still clings to my jacket from working inside a casino for 15 days in a row. By the end of it all, I felt like the living dead myself, which inspired my black on black on black witchy poo outfit. Not really at all actually. I pretty much live in some kind of all black uniform all day err' day, and according to my best friend fo eva', it matches my insides.. She thinks she's funny..
Springtime weather radness means: 1. mandatory daytime drinking on patios near bodies of water 2. random drives out to the desert. Waning crescent moon tonight made for a very dark, almost moonless night, perfect for stargazing on the roof of a car in the stillness of the desert and there is nothing better than that..

Leather Jacket :: Vintage via threadflip.com 
Dress :: Charlotte Russe
Boots :: Zodiac
Handbag :: Lucky Brand


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