I spent the week before Christmas last year, in Cabo San Jose, Mexico with my girlfriends and their families. And every Saturday morning, there is the most fantastic Organic Farmers Market that hosts local artists, artisans, farmers, and restaurants. Locals and tourists from all over the world flock to this market, specifically because the food and produce is amazing! An Argentinian woman called Carolina Gordillo, designs and crafts pants, skirts, and accessories using only recycled materials. In a weeks' time, she crafted my custom fit pants for only 400 pesos which is roughly 32 USD!! I love them so much. The craftsmanship is superb, and the fact that they are custom, blows my mind. It was such an awesome feeling to support her art and her rad little hippie family, I'm honored to wear her design, and think I lovingly of her when I do. I playfully nicknamed them, "flying squirrel pants" because pretty sure I'd glide to the ground if I jumped off a building...

But with such a strong statement piece, you have to be careful to not let the pants wear you. I remember professing my love for the Isabel Marant Manly suede fringe boots to a stylist on set last year. And I remember his response was one of playful caution, " Oh here comes Natalies' boots.." I styled them with a white split sleeve blouse to give enough structure to balance out the volume of the pants, thus preventing me from looking like I'm hiding a winters' supply of acorns in my pants. I wrapped my leopard print scarf around my menswear fedora, and carried a black studded quilted handbag to contrast the vintage inspired print of the pants, adding that little bit of edge and rocker element to my very bohemian look. I could totally go to SXSW in this outfit, too bad I'm not. Sigh....

- N

Top :: Baily 44 (old)
Pants :: Handmade
Shoes :: Vintage
Handbag :: Hottie
Hat :: Gifted
Silver Bangles :: Gifted