How many different ways can one wear the same .50 vintage leopard print silk scarf? One of the little treasures I picked up from last weeks super fantastic thrift adventure, and Im kinda addicted to it. So I decided to do a post on how many ways you can wear something you love over and over in different and unexpected ways. And since warmer weather is upon us, you may be anxious to pump up your festival steez so you don't look like every other asshole wearing the same Nasty Gal head bands, head scarves, head pieces, whatever.. Additionally, I find people will look at you less crazy in the Summer than in the Winter if you have a scarf tied on your head like a feral jungle child.. So YAY Spring!! Another way it could totally be worm is as a head wrap, but you need to pair it with some big hoop earrings or something like, which I didn't have.. Think Biba, not cancer patient. But now that the weather is heating up, sadly, this may be my 'leather' jackets last hoorah, until the summer time when cranked AC temps reach sub arctic conditions inside..

- N

Jacket ::Rhapsodille
Shirt :: DIY J.Crew dress
Pants :: BDG
Boots :: Rose Bowl Flea Market
Scarf :: Thrifted

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  1. Great outfit! I especially love the scarf. :)