I've had some major Salvation Army hauls over the past few days. One rad piece is this vintage sheer black tinsel furry CHANEL-esque bolero. The photo doesn't do justice how awesome it is in real life! Another super score were these perfectly worn in Zodiac fringe cowboy boots. I hoard boots like a squirrel stores nuts.  The combined cost for both was less than 10 bones, waaay less! In addition to my boot obsession, I'm a bit nail obsessive too, and after wearing gel polish for almost 6 months, my natural nails are thrashed from a rushed soak, file, soak, repeat job done by yours truly. So I'm nursing my nails back to health with these chrome silver nails by Dashing Diva. I can't help but feel a little 80's fantastic when I tell people, "They're press-on" which, they are not, they are glued on... Bust out a vintage CHANEL handbag to make the whole look a little more sophisticated and less dirty boho rocker hybrid something with a rats nest hair do, which is me, 60% of the time, every time ...

Jacket :: Vintage
Shirt :: Zara
Belt :: Vintage
Boots :: Zodiac
Handbag :: CHANEL

All rings are vintage minus the over the knuckle spike ring. The super thin bangle is Marc by Marc Jacobs and the other is a Cartier inspired gold bangle that my Mum had made ages ago..

Photo Credit eatlovelivelove


  1. Oh wow, amazing pictures and outfit! I really love your boots and watch :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

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  3. Gorj, just gorj.
    The boots, the jacket, the hair, the nails and the lips baby the lips!
    love this look to death

  4. oh my, how amazing your style is, I'm so happy I found your blog! I love every single one of outfits you create, and your hair, PERFECTION! ♥